The Ark Project at Rocking J’s Hostel is one of the most unique and interesting pieces of architecture in all of Puerto Viejo. Constructed with ten 40 foot recycled shipping containers, The Ark Project contains a fully equipped music recording studio, a complete gym, J’s microbrewery, deluxe living quarters and several of Rocking J’s dorm rooms.
The Ark Project is designed to withstand a tsunami, an earthquake, and even a Zombie apocalypse! It is engineered to be disaster-proof while still serving as comfortable living quarters and one of the main attractions at Rocking J’s Hostel. Viewing platforms with Caribbean seascapes, a large spacious deck perfect for parties, and a fully functioning workshop, The Ark Project is an amazing example of form, function, comfort and survival.
Ask for a tour to explore all that the Ark Project at Rocking J’s Hostel has to offer!