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Known as “The Vortex”, people who visit once, keep returning time and time again. There is simply no place in the world like this hostel in Puerto Viejo. Completely covered in guest made art and mosaics, good vibes seep from the floor boards and continue to attract the most interesting people. Rocking J’s gives you the opportunity to meet people from all corners of the globe! A must see hostel in Costa Rica!

The receptionists are always happy to help and give you any information you may need. Next to reception is the Caribe Shuttle Tour desk who can help you with transportation details and making sure you make the most out of your stay. The Hostel is never shy at getting a party going so don’t be surprised if you’re forced into a Toga outfit, or drinking the famous Rocking Js jungle juice at a full moon party. Crab racing has also become a hit.

Good Vibes is the in house kick ass restaurant. Managed by J’s brother, Erik, who has put together a fantastic gourmet menu at reasonable prices. This is the perfect place to have a sit down meal, check your e-mail and drink stupid amounts of alcohol before stumbling into town with the random friends you just made at the bar.